Best Ways to Build Your Dating Confidence

To all those heartbroken hopeless wanderers — you are not alone.

The gusty wave of teenage emotions that once took you to the high of heaven may drown you to the depth of hell. As you fall deeper and deeper, it may seem harder to love again.

You become afraid of falling in love all over again; as it seems just like FALLING, falling to the depth of despair and losing confidence.

Believe me when I say this – nothing good will come of you pushing away the bright side of you that once was full of love, passion, and kindness. You deserve to be loved; and you have every right to go out in the world and claim the heart that comforts, lulls, cherishes, and LOVES you.

I might be wrong guessing all these, and the situations may have been a little different, but I don’t want you losing confidence over one sad story.

That is why I have put a little effort into gathering all the words that I told myself once. I have put down a few pointers to help you build your dating confidence.

These tips may not seem like much. But, it’s a good place to start.

Rule Number One: You Are Awesome

You go on a date to find someone to love. But the process of finding needs to start with yourself. You are awesome and you need to wake up every morning knowing that you are awesome. No, not a lot of people will acknowledge that; but it does not matter until you know that you are awesome.

Many good people are afraid of going on a date because of their low self-esteem. There may have been incidences in their lives forcing them to feel this way. But you need to know how much you are worth. And believe me, you are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

Go Back In Time, Remember When You Were Brimming With Confidence

Don’t believe me? Let’s go down memory lane. I want you to reflect upon your past when you felt most confident. When was the last time you felt the most confident doing something? It could be during your studies in college, or it could be during handling a project in the office. It could also be at the time when you were helping someone with anything important.

When you remember your efforts that meant something, you start to remember your worth, your strength, your confidence. You can also start by looking for the things you love about yourself.

You Are Not Broken, And You Don’t Need Fixing

Most people make a mistake when they look for their “better half” when they are going on a date. You are complete in yourself, and you are not a half that a better half can complete. You are not half a person, no one is.

You are not broken and having a date does not fulfill you as a person.

You are already complete and you need to believe that in your heart. No person in the world can make you whole, you are already a whole; all you need is to feel loved. When you are buckling up your shoelaces for date night, remember that you are a complete human being.

Step Into The Dating Ring

Once you know that you are this smart, handsome, awesome, and complete human being, you need to start your dating game. Get social, attend parties, make friends and meet friends of friends. If you find someone interesting, start a conversation.

You need to have strong body language while flirting confidently. You can start by asking an interesting question; you can ask a favor and offer one—there are plenty of ways to go about it. It is better to keep a smile on your face.

More Dates Mean More Experience

More the experience, more the confidence — your dating history has some serious talks to talk about your dating confidence. The more you open up, the more confident you will become. If one date does not go as planned, you need to prepare yourself for the next.

Wear Outfits You Feel Comfortable and Confident Wearing

Your clothes also give you confidence. Once you have determined to go out and meet someone new, you need to present yourself as a new person as well. While you absolutely don’t need a fashion designer to choose the best dress, it would help if you are looking for something attractive.

Try wearing the clothes that bring the best out of you. I will advise ditching the regular outfit that you wear and trying something cooler and attractive.

Last But Not The Least

If you are thinking these tips are enough to completely boost your confidence you are mistaken. These are just the start of a cycle to build up your confidence until you find the right partner. It is better to not force yourself too much–make the process come with ease and enjoy each of your dating experiences to understand what works for you and what does not. I cannot guarantee that following these tips will bring you success, but I am sure that you will be close to finding the one you are looking for.

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