Why Squid Game Mask is So Popular?

Netflix’s famous Korean drama, squid games gained so much popularity that each and every individual was talking about it. With 1.65 billion hours of watch time in just 28 days, the Squid game has set up its own legacy.

It took social media by storm, people posted squid games memes and posts showed how popular the show became. 

The squid game revolves around the simple concept that there is a game where people are given challenges and if you are not able to complete them you die.

The winner, however, will get a huge amount.

If you are wondering about the squid game mask then you are not alone, in this blog I have a lot to tell you about that mask.

Why is the squid game mask so popular?

  • The reason behind the popularity of the squid game mask is the show itself, it became so popular that everyone wants to get their hands on the squid games merchandise, and in this case, it was the masks.
  • Another reason for the popularity of the mask was cosplaying. After the release of the series many YouTubers and Instagram, influencers tried to mimic the game in their reels and videos and hence they featured the squid game mask.
  • The Korean fashion culture emphasizes a lot of masks, and it was another reason for the popularity of squid game masks.

You can find masks as an essential element in Korean fashion, however, the squid game mask was seen as a fashion piece but it surely was an eye candy that everyone wants. 

So these were some reasons for the popularity of the squid games mask.

Why do Characters in Squid Games Wear Masks?

The squid game is a heartless game, you either win or you die, eliminate. 

Hence it was clear in the show that the squid game is an illegal game and with 400 contestants taking part in it only one person will remain alive in the end.

The reason for wearing the mask was to hide the identity of the people hosting the game.

The game was illegal and hence no one wants to tell the contestant their real identity, after all, one was going to be set free in the end, and that too with a huge sum of money and if that one contestant ever come across any of the hosts then the situation can turn bad.

Hence, the only reason for wearing a mask was to hide the identity of the hosts.

Types of Squid Game Masks

In the show, there were three types of masks.

Worker Mask

Workers were the people that helped in the smooth functioning of the game, they were dressed in the red jumpsuit with a hood on and obviously the mask.

The worker has a black mask with a triangle, square, or circle drawn on it. The shapes drawn represent the ranking of the workers.

  • Squid game mask with a circle

It is for the lowest rank workers, they do basic jobs like cleaning, chores, removing the corpse, cleaning blood, etc.

They are not allowed to speak unless permitted by their superiors. 

  • Squid game mask with a triangle

These workers are second-level workers, they are responsible for eliminating the losers, enforcing rules, and taking control when things get out of hand.

They can kill the contestant but can not make rules they are only responsible for enforcing them.

  • Squid game mask with a square

They are the highest level of workers, they perform the job of the supervisor, they can watch the recorded match video. They communicate directly with the frontman desk to receive orders from them, but still, they are merely workers and are ruled by the people above them.

Frontman Mask

At first, it seemed like the frontman was the owner of the game, but it eventually turned out that he is just a host of the game.

But he is above the worker class. He wears a black-angular mask, that seems something like a robot’s head. His identity was hidden till the finale of the season.

He is the host hence he is responsible for putting on the show for the VIPs.

He commands the workers with squares drawn on their masks and eventually manages the whole squid game.

VIP Masks

VIPs are the ultimate kings of the game, they were wealthy people who bet on the outcome of the game.

They can change the rules of the game as per their wish, like shutting off the lights to make the game harder. They wear golden animal-shaped masks, the gold color of the mask signifies, wealth and power. The mask that VIPs wear were in the shape of animals mainly deer, tiger, lion, panda, bear, and bull. However, no connection was clearly established between the type of animal mask and the VIP.

They are fancier individuals who bet on the outcome of the game and unlike other characters, they were able to communicate in English.

Unmasked Characters

At last, we have the unmasked characters of the show, the participants.

They do not wear any sort of mask and all of them wear the same uniform. They were not addressed with their names but with the number given to them.

They are the ones who take part in the games and only one of them would win in the end as the game progresses the losers were eliminated on the spot.

So these were the three types of masks that were featured in the series Squid games.

Parting Words

So this was all about the mask in the famous Netflix series the squid game. It is a must-watch and will keep you on the edge throughout the show.

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