Ubervita w700 Review: Is it Safe For Weight Loss

Losing that extra belly ubervita w700 review is the dream of many people. This is so much in trend that 90% of the people hitting the gym have the sole goal of weight loss. Hitting the gym hard and focusing on your diet is enough for any fitness goal you want. However, at times hitting all the essential micronutrients just by eating whole foods is not possible.  

Here, supplement come to the rescue. Some supplements like whey protein and creatine are considered to be super useful, while there are other supplements like fat burner which are nothing but marketing gimmicks.

One such supplement that claims to aid weight loss is ubervita w700 review. If you too are confused about whether to use this supplement or not then you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss in depth ubervita w700 review and whether is it safe for weight loss or not. 

What is Ubervita W700? 

Ubervita w700 review thermogenic is a supplement in the form of a pill, it claims that this pill provides energy and aids weight loss without any side effects. This product also claims that it is an effective fat burner, which means that this product has the ability to burn all the excess fat on your body and that too without any side effects. 

This supplement gained so much hype that on Amazon it was ranked 3rd as a “fat burner”, 9th in the overall nutritional supplement, and 5th in “appetite suppressants” 

Ubervita W700 Ingridents

The Ubervita W700 can be named a “caffeine pill”. 


In the name of a fat burner, these pills contain high doses of caffeine and some other ingredients just for their namesake. Here is a full profile of the ingredients present in the ubervita w700 review. 

i) Caffeine 

In fat burners or weight loss pills, caffeine is the most highlighted ingredient, it is because it suppresses hunger and gives a sudden rise in energy. 

ubervita w700 review contains 150 to 250 mg of caffeine per serving, which is much more caffeine than a cup of coffee. The higher dose of caffeine is not necessarily wrong but other ingredients that the company claims are present on traces. This makes this supplement a caffeine pill. 

ii) Schizandra 

Schizandra is a stimulant and physical enhancer which is not yet proven to provide any benefits. This ingredient is added just to give a feel-good factor to this supplement. 

iii) L-arginine 

This ingredient is used for getting an awesome pump after a workout, but in no way this ingredient aids fat loss.  Therefore this ingredient is just added to provide a little pump after a workout so that the user feels like bervita w700 review is an effective supplement. 

iv) Beta-Alanine                                                                                                                                   

Beta-alanine when taken in recommended dose aids muscle gain and enhance recovery but in ubervita w700 review the dose is not enough.

v) Capsicum

Capsicum is a thermogenic supplement but only when taken in a large dose. But in ubervita w700 review we are getting capsicum just for the namesake. 

vi) Guarana Seed Extract

This ingredient acts just like caffeine. Still, we can’t understand why Ubervita W700 is adding different stimulants. 

vii) Uva Ursi

This ingredient reduces urine acidity and increases urine flow, which helps in reducing water weight, but just losing water weight is not enough to lose fat! 

Yes, it helps in preventing bloating and keeps your gut healthy but by no means it aids weight loss. So these were not-so-useful ingredients in Ubervita W700. 

Review of Ubervita W700

Initially, Ubervita W700 gained so much hype but soon even Amazon removed this product from their website, and this was because a majority of the reviews of ubervita w700 review.

After that majority of genuine customers said that ubervita w700 review is a bad choice.  Yes, ubervita w700 review gives a boost of energy but it is because it has so much of stimulants added to it. 

For someone who is caffeine sensitive, this supplement can cause major headaches and restlessness. Therefore, if you have low caffeine tolerance then you should avoid using this product.

Is Ubervita W700 Worth It? 

The Ubervita W700 is not worth it. It doesn’t have anything to offer, it is merely a caffeine pill that will give you a caffeine rush and will suppress your appetite for time being. As a fat burner, it will show little to no change. What it can give you is severe headache, upset stomach, etc because of being high in stimulants. 

What Should One Consider In Place Of Ubervita W700? 

Marking a fat burner is much easy because of the promises that it claims. However, the truth is that to lose belly fat or any fat in general all you need is a slight calorie surplus, a good resistance training routine, and a balanced diet. 

Once you start following this the results will start showing up and yes, it will be a slow process but it will be much healthier than taking supplements like ubervita w700 review. If you want to add some supplements to your diet then the best ones are

  • Good quality whey protein. 
  • Creatine. 
  • Fish oil.
  • Multivaitamine. 
  • Caffeine. 

These supplements will aid your fitness journey and will deliver much better results than Ubervita W700. 

Parting Words

This was all you need to know about ubervita w700 review. It indeed is a useless supplement and if you are considering buying Ubervita w700 because of its caffeine content then a cup of cappuccino will be a much better option. 

It is wise to spend your money on supplements that you truly need and will truly show some results.

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