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Thank you for choosing ‘All of Britain’ as your quality content provider. If you are looking to build quality links, related backlinks, and connections in the same industry, then you are at the right place. 

If you are looking for the right audience for your website, quality backlinks, Google Authority, SERP Ranking and much more – then you need ‘All of Britain’ in your arsenal!

Top 10 Benefits of Guest Posting on “All Of Britain”

1. Increase your Brand’s Exposure:

When providing content for established industry websites, if people have not heard of your company then it is difficult to be considered a credible source. Guest posting offers you a massive opportunity to expose your brand to our wider audience and social media following. As one of the major authoritative players in the industry, we can increase your Brand value and raise awareness about your website. 

2. Building Quality Backlinks:

Link building is a great way to get your website ranking higher in SERPs. Google and other Search Engines recognize links as testimonies and decide your site rank accordingly. We offer bloggers high-quality backlinks to connect with new audiences and boost your website’s exposure and your brand’s visibility. 

Our link-building services help make your website discoverable and help boost your brand exposure. With our consistent traffic and niche-rich content, we can help boost your traffic to reach the #1 position on search engines.     

3. Boosting Referral Traffic:

One of the primary goals of All Of Britain is to understand your business’s pain points and to deliver ideas, and quality SEO content to solve them. With our expertise in the field, we bring consistent traffic to the community we have built. 

With our referral traffic generated from backlinking, we can boost your website audience. With our consistent website content highlighting the latest topics from your niche, we can help get your website get potential customers. Not only that, but you can also share your expertise in these niche circuits to get a chance to voice your opinions. 

4. Gain New Potential Customers:

We have over 1+ lakh global audiences who are active across our social media and website. They regularly view and react to our quality content. As a blogger, connecting with us will give you a plethora of opportunities to share your expertise in your niche. On “All Of Britain” your content is highlighted to readers who are connected to your niche. 

This is the biggest advantage that we offer all bloggers – a chance to gain new potential customers. You can use our website to further your business. 

5. Strengthening your Domain Authority:

With “All Of Britain” adding authentic and unique content to your website, you can now boost your domain authority with the right audience. With our efforts, small businesses can achieve their goals with regular content that is inspiring, educative, and uplifting. 

We would love to be a part of your story. So, write with us, not for us. All bloggers and blogging enthusiasts can get quality backlinks to strengthen their domain authority with their target audience. 

6. Boost SERP with Higher Search Ranking:

“All Of Britain” devotes itself to building the best SERP with high-quality content. As part of our journey with guest posting, you can expect massive jumps in your website’s ranking. We aim to solve all your business needs by creating valuable content that appeals both to search engines and to your target audience. 

But, we are not about to boast about our achievements, we prefer showing them to you. So, for any guest posting requirements reach out to us at – joinrichardsmith@gmail.com.

7. Growing your Social Media:

We know that only writing relevant and quality content will not bring in the audience you want. We try to connect with our relevant audiences on the social media platforms they visit regularly. Our quality content is shared across our social media platforms to make them readily available to the masses. 

With over 1 lakh+ active followers across different social media platforms, guest posting from our website can grow your social media channels.  

8. Shortening the Sales Cycle:

By posting content relevant to your niche with us, you have the opportunity and the visibility to increase your brand awareness in front of your target audience. This in turn shortens your Sales Cycle as you are placed in front of the people who will convert into regular customers. 

9. Increase in Organic Traffic:

What is the point of guest posting? To bring organic visibility to your brand. 

When you guest post with us on All Of Britain, you expect to see traffic flowing to your website. And we deliver! With our relevant backlinks, your websites will perform better than your competitors on SERPs. This will help increase your organic traffic. 

Organic traffic is those visitors who visit your website from a search engine. When you have backlinks from related niche websites like ours, Google and other search engines consider your content to substance and make it more visible to potential customers. 

10. Enhance your Reputation:

Guest blogging with a credible industry player like us will help build your reputation. Custom content is one of the main factors that build trust and your reputation. When linked with a credible source, your audience automatically starts trusting you. When your name is attached as a guest post to a highly authoritative website, you enhance your reputation. 

Not only building credibility, one of the biggest advantages of guest posting with us is to help you bring in prospective clients. Once you start creating high-quality relatable content that your potential customers want to see and add in a mix of a reputed backlink – you are considered a credible source. 

Guest Posting Guidelines on All Of Britain

The main reason for guest posting is to create and share content that is educational, engaging, and helps solve issues that your potential customers face. It should be more problem-solving-related, than promotional. 

With guest posting for us at All Of Britain, we build trust with our customers as they believe that we will not push any product or brand on them unless we believe in its value of 110%. Instead, you can use our blogs to showcase your expertise to potential new customers in your niche. 

But here are some guest posting guidelines that we request all guest bloggers and writers to follow, that we follow ourselves: 

1. Content should be easy to read:

This means that any content you write should be easily skimmable by readers. You should include headings, subheadings, points, and visual elements to help increase the readability of your blogs. 

2. Should be in a natural conversational tone:

Content that is authoritative and conversational is better to connect with your audience, than robotic content. We write blogs that are relatable to people, that not only offer data or research but also show the customer how it can help make their lives easier. But, it should also include information that makes it knowledgeable.  

3. All content must be ORIGINAL:

Writing duplicate or copied content can get your website banned or blocked by different search engines. This is why we do not accept any content that is not Original. If you have a post or a blog already presented online, we cannot publish it on our website. But, you can always link an article to one you write for us to create relevance to a topic.  

4. Length of Content:

The sweet spot for content with readers is between 1000-1500 words. This is the optimum level that most search engines look for when crawling for relevant and relatable topics to showcase to people searching for the niche. But longer content works as well. 

5. Include statistics, outbound links, and actionable takeaways:

When guests post with us always add related statistics (customers believe data more than content), outbound links to authoritative sites, and actionable takeaways summarizing the article/blog for customers to skim through. 

6. Topics should be relevant to the niche:

Our website is related to a plethora of topics such as Health, Tech, Digital Marketing, Doctors, Influencers, Lawyers, and more. So, you can submit content that is related to these niches. Check our regular posts to understand what type of blogs we want. But make sure that they are relevant to your niche, as you want to be considered the leader in that niche. 

7. Blog Formatting:

Formatting blogs is one major aspect that most bloggers/writers overlook. For us, your blogs need to be catchy, and easily readable. We ask our writers and guest posters to use headlines, bold and italic letters, and bullets. We also look for content that is simple to read with clean sentences. 

8. Linking:

As a guest poster, you can use relevant links to your content. We do not allow promotional links in guest posts. We also have the following criteria: 

  1. We do not allow links to gambling sites, tobacco products, or adult websites, 
  2. We only accept quality links 
  3. If your article is less than 1000 word limit, we do not add links to the author’s bio page 

9. Sponsored Posts:

If you want to publish sponsored posts then contact us directly at joinrichardsmith@gmail.com.

10. Adding Images:

Your guest posts need images and we expect at least 3 pre-downloaded images of good quality. Here are our criteria for adding images: 

  1. Minimum of 3 images 
  2. They need to be copyright free 
  3. Images need to be below 100 Kbs 

11. Author Bio Section:

When you submit your guest post, we need some information to create your author bio: 

  1. Add a short bio of 50 words 
  2. Add a small headshot 
  3. For promotions, you can add links to your website and social media 
  4. We do not add attributes to any brand or company. We only post your blogs based on an individual name and email address 
  5. We do not showcase your email address 

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Write For Us, Guest Posting FAQ

1) What is the process of guest posting?

Guest posting is writing articles, or blogs and publishing them on some other website. Ideally, the website should be in your niche. The main goal of guest posting is to improve search engine ranking, increase audiences, and establish brand authority.

2) What makes a good guest post?

When your guest post is niche-oriented, has a conversational tone, and helps solve the problems that your customers/potential customers face – a good guest post is made.

3) Is guest posting important?

One of the biggest benefits that guest posting offers – establishing you as a leader in your market. Guest posting also helps build relationships with your fellow niche writers and thinkers. It also exposes your brand to new untapped audiences.

4) Is guest posting still relevant in 2022?

Yes, it is still very relevant in 2022. In fact, more bloggers use guest posting to increase their brand visibility and website traffic.

5) Is guest posting free or can it be paid?

Guest posting can be both free and paid. When you are starting out on your guest blogging journey, you may have to write for free. Once you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, you can get paid for your guest posts.

6) How to choose the right guest posting sites?

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right website to guest post on: 
i) Evaluate the website’s niche. If it is relevant to yours then only write guest posts for them. 
ii) Look for websites that have proper posting guidelines 
iii) Look at their traffic 
iv) Analyze previous posts and check their performances 
v) Scope out their social media platforms. Check if their followers are active players or not.

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