What is Google Snake? How To Play In Google Chrome?

For all the 90s children, the snake game is filled with nostalgia. It was one of the first games ever played on any mobile phone. We spent hours playing the game and even had matches with our siblings to see who could survive the longest. 

Google Snake is now back to help us relive our nostalgic days. The game’s goal remains the same – devour the apples without biting yourself. So, let’s take a journey back to our childhood and see if we can beat Google snake. 

What is the Google Snake Game?

The classic arcade game Google snake has two game modes – Classic and Arcade. The main goal of the game is to eat the apple without biting yourself. In the classic mode option, players can only move upwards or downwards in order to avoid being eaten by snakes. But in the arcade version, gamers can use the arrow keypad or a joystick to regulate their character’s movements. 

One of the biggest features of Google snake is that you can play the game with Google Maps!

How to play Google snake with Google Maps?

If you want to up the normal Google snake game, then play it with Google Maps! 

Here are the steps to configure both Google snake and Google Maps with each other: 

  1. Download and open Google Maps – one of the most necessary steps is to have the Google Maps app installed on your phone. Google snake is available for both iPhones and Android phones. 
  2. Click on the Menu option in the upper left corner 
  3. Choose the ‘Play Snake’ option 
  4. Select the city you want to play in or you can even choose the entire globe 
  5. Start playing Google Snake! 

How can I modify Google Snake?

7 easy steps are using which you can modify the Google Snake game: 

  1. Download the Google snake menu modification option: 
  1. Check the bookmark manager: 
  • Once you download the ‘MoreMenu.html’ file, save it on your bookmarks 
  • Log in to your bookmarks manager on your browser by clicking on the three dots. This is visible on the right side of the Chrome browser – select bookmarks and open the ‘Bookmarks’ menu.
  • Click on ‘Bookmark manager. 
  1. Connect Bookmarks manager with Google snake:
  • After you select ‘Bookmark manager’, add Google snake Menu Modification to your bookmarks 
  • Click on the three dots to get the ‘Add new bookmark’ option 
  • To import the Google snake Menu Mod, click on ‘import bookmarks’ 
  1. Open the Google snake More Menu:
  • Once you click the ‘Import Bookmarks’ tab, a File Explorer browser will open 
  • Find the ‘Google snake Menu Mod’ file 
  • Select the ‘Download’ option, then click on ‘Google snake Menu Mod’ and ‘Open’ to import to your bookmarks.
  1. Open the ‘More Menu’ tab: 
  • Once you add the ‘Google snake Menu Mod’, open the game again by typing ‘Snake game’ on Chrome 
  • Click ‘play’ to start playing the game 
  1. Setting up the Menu Mod: 
  • Once the game starts, click on the three dots (top navigation bar) 
  • Click on ‘imported’ to view the newly imported bookmarks 
  • Click on ‘More Menu Stuff’ to enable the new Google snake Menu Mod 
  • Finally, tap on the gear icon
  1. Using the Google snake Menu mod: 
  • Once you tap the gear icon, the game will display the mod menu 
  • You can now get more options such as maps, food items, animals, and more! 

Does Google snake have an end?

The Google snake game will not stop anytime soon. Not only is it addictive, but it creates a sense of nostalgia for people. The game was introduced in 2004 and has been downloaded over 1 billion times by Android users. 

With the downloads increasing and the jump in a new generation of players, there is no end to the game. So, it would be interesting to see where the game jumps, especially with its popularity. 


Now that we know everything about Google snake, nothing is stopping you from downloading the game and playing it. So, let’s go back to our yesteryears, and remember all the fun times we had teasing each other with our low scores, and all the competitions. Let’s start gaming with Google snake again! 

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