FARFETCH Review? Is FARFETCH Scam or Legit?


Does this single word buy multiple joys to you? 

If you are like me then your answer has to be yes. 

Who doesn’t love shopping?

However, going to a market can be a chore. 

The introduction of online shopping solves this problem, I am sure everyone has bought one thing or the other from an online store. 

There are many trusted online shopping platforms like Amazon; however, some platforms may look fishy.

One such platform whose legality is questioned by many people is Farfetch, and if you are here then chances are that you also want to know what FARFETCH is and whether FARFETCH is legal or not. 

In this blog, we will take a deeper look into Farfetch, and will also tell you whether FARFETCH is legit or a scam. 

What is Farfetch?

FARFETCH is a place for all fashion enthusiasts.

It’s an online platform where you can buy luxury fashion items. FARFETCH is basically a British-Portuguese e-commerce platform that connects creators, boutiques, and customers across 50 countries and more than 1,400 brands. 

Items at FARFETCH are pricy, as they mainly focus on luxury items based on the latest trends. 

The online luxury store, FARFETCH was set up in 2007 by Jose Neves

Pros and cons of Farfetch?

Just like any other e-commerce platform FARFETCH also has some pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of Farfetch.

Pros of Farfetch

  • A huge collection to choose from.

FARFETCH has a large variety of fashion items to choose from, you can get a variety of luxury clothing items all at one point. 

  • Brands.

FARFETCH has a number of brands under it. You can find all your favorite luxury brands under one hood. 

  • Free delivery. 

FARFETCH has an offer of free delivery depending on your order cost and your region. This enables you to spend more and avail the benefit of free shipping. 

Cons of Farfetch

FARFETCH has some cons as well. 

  • Imperfect customer service.

FARFETCH needs to upgrade its customer service, if you have any queries regarding your purchase then be ready for long back-and-forth calling sessions. 

  • Complaints about damaged items.

Customers often have complained about getting damaged items, the fault is mainly from the side of the distribution channel, therefore, FARFETCH has a lot of room for improvement 

These were some cons of Farfetch. 

Is FARFETCH legit? 

Now the question that most people have in mind is, is FARFETCH legit? 

Can one trust the platform for their purchase? 

FARFETCH is a legit platform and is very trustworthy, FARFETCH has a headquarters in London which concretes its legitimacy. 

However, FARFETCH has not been the customer’s favorite, there has a lot of negative reviews on FARFETCH stating how poor their customer service is plus many customers received damaged goods. 

In a nutshell, yes FARFETCH is legit but not a very good palace to buy products from. 

Is FARFETCH worth it?

So, is buying your fashion items from FARFETCH worth it? 

During our research we found that FARFETCH is not very good at building long-term customer relationships, there have been cases where customers were not at all pleases with the products sold at FARFETCH and has to return their products.

FARFETCH also has a very bad customer support cell, most of the time your call will be on hold, and even if someone answers your call your issue won’t be resolved quickly, you will have to become a part of the back-and-forth calls hence a bad customer experience. 

Another problem with FARFETCH is its distribution channels, they are the worst and are infamous for delivering defective goods. 

Many customers have complained about receiving defective goods on Farfetch. 

From the above verdict, it may be clear that shopping on FARFETCH is not worth it, you will find better products and services on other platforms. 

Is FARFETCH secondhand or new?

FARFETCH sells new products on its website however there is a feature called FARFETCH second life where you can sell your designer handbags from all luxury brands. 

In exchange, you will get some money (the selling price) plus some FARFETCH credit. Therefore, it is a good way of making money while cleaning your wardrobe.

Is FARFETCH a Chinese company?

FARFETCH is not a Chinese company. 

FARFETCH is a British-Portuguese company and its headquarter is in London. FARFETCH sells Luxury clothing items from over 700 brands from around the world.

How many days does FARFETCH take to deliver?

The delivery time of your order depends upon your location. However, your product will be delivered within 2 to 7 business days. 

In case you have ordered different products from FARFETCH then all of them will arrive in different packages and possibly at different times

Why is FARFETCH so popular?

FARFETCH connects luxury stores located in different parts of the world and brings all your needs under one hood, this makes FARFETCH a popular option for all luxury fashion lovers. 

Parting Words

So this was all you need to know about Farfetch. 

There still is a lot of room for improvement for FARFETCH but in near future, it will be a great e-commerce platform.

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