What is The Borderline Spectrum Test? A to Z Explanation

If we talk about personality disorders there are thousands of them out there.

Some of them are minor and can be treated even at home whereas some of them need special treatment from a certified physiatrist but some personality disorders are so intense that they don’t have a cure to date.

One such disorder is a borderline personality disorder, there is no definitive cure for it however it is still treatable.

But how to know whether have a borderline personality disorder or not?

Luckily you don’t have to visit a clinic for getting yourself checked. 

You can do that in the comfort of your home. 


Let me introduce you to Borderline Spectrum Test. 

If you are oblivious about this test then you have come to the right place, in this blog I will be sharing with you everything you need to know about the Borderline Spectrum Test.

What is a Borderline Spectrum Test?

You may be wondering what a borderline spectrum test is?

The answer is simple.

A borderline spectrum test is a test that determines whether you have borderline symptoms or not. This test analysis your mental health and then tell you about the borderline personality disorder.

This is to be noted that this is not a clinical test and it is not as accurate as the clinic test. 

It just gives you a casual idea that you may have a borderline personality disorder and you may get professionally checked.

The Basic Structure of The Test

You may be wondering how does this  Borderline Spectrum Test looks like? What is the basic structure of the test?

Don’t worry I got you covered for that, here is a basic structure of the Borderline Spectrum Test. 

There are 50 questions that you need to answer, be as honest as possible here. You have to either agree or disagree with the question.

Now that you have completed those 50 questions your response will be analyzed and you will be given a position on the borderline spectrum.

So this was the basic structure of the Borderline Spectrum Test.

Must know Compelling Features of The Borderline Spectrum Test

Here are some awesome features of the  Borderline Spectrum Test that you must have a look into.

1. It is free of cost

Some people abstain from getting their self checked for borderline personality disorder just because of financial issues.

However, the  Borderline Spectrum Test is absolutely free, it may not be accurate but it gives you an idea of whether you have a borderline personality disorder or not.

2. The  Borderline Spectrum Test is a replica of the clinical procedure

The  Borderline Spectrum Test replicates the clinical procedure.

However, it is not accurate but at least you can be assured that you are getting checked in a clinical way.

3. The  Borderline Spectrum Test is based on statistical controls

Statistical controls are generally very precise and the  Borderline Spectrum Test is also based on statistical controls.

This ensures that the results you are getting are very precise and can be relied on.

4. The  Borderline Spectrum Test is backed by professionals

The  Borderline Spectrum Test is an amalgamation of knowledge of many psychologists from all over the globe, hence it is backed by highly professional individuals and can be trusted.

So these were some good features or pros of the  Borderline Spectrum Test.

What do the Borderline Spectrum Test questions look like?

The thought of giving a test may look intimidating at first but trust me the test is rather a simple one and very easy to operate.

Here is a glimpse of the questions that are included in the test.

Some questions from the Borderline Spectrum Test

Q1. I have deliberately punched, cut, or burned myself in order to feel better.

Q2. I have had toxic and intense fights with most of the people who have been close to me in my life.

Q3. The people who cut me out of their lives or whom I have cut out of my life are evil.

Signs that you need to take the Borderline Spectrum Test

You may be wondering what are the initial signs of borderline personality disorder and whether you should take the test or not. 

Of course, you can take the test for fun. After all, it is completely free.

But if you seriously feel like you may have borderline personality disorder then here are some symptoms of borderline personality disorder.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

  • During stress, you prefer to emotionally shut yourself down.
  • You have high levels of rage and temper.
  • You have a history of chaotic, toxic, and unstable relationships. 
  • You feel empty inside.
  • You have intentionally hurt yourself.
  • Suicidal thoughts often cross your mind. 
  • You are driven to the impulse that is not good for you.

These are some signs of borderline personality disorder and if you checked the majority of them then you must get yourself professionally checked.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently googled questions about borderline spectrum tests.

i) What does it mean to be Borderline Spectrum?

Borderline spectrum is a personality disorder that includes symptoms like. 

  • Bad interpersonal relations.
  • Frequent mood swings.
  • Suicidal thoughts.
  • Physically hurting oneself for pleasure and validation.
  • Insatiable self-image.
  • Instability in emotions and thoughts.

ii) Is there a Borderline Personality Spectrum?

There are four types of borderline personality disorders.

  • Discouraged borderline personality disorder.
  • Impulsive borderline personality disorder. 
  • Petulant borderline.
  • Self-destructive borderline. 

iii) Is the Borderline Personality test free?

Personality tests are something that people tend to overlook because of a lack of resources. 

Luckily borderline spectrum test is free of cost plus it is precise. To take the test you just need to go to IDRLabs’ borderline spectrum test website and have to fill all 50 questions then your response will be analyzed and you will be given the report.

iv) Is the borderline spectrum test contain statistical controls?

Yes, the borderline spectrum test contains statistical controls which ensure a very precise analysis of the response that you have given.

v) Is borderline spectrum test made IDRLabs made by professionals?

Yes, the borderline spectrum test is designed by professionals from all over the globe.

Parting Words

So this was all about borderline spectrum test.

If you think that you have borderline personality disorder then you should definitely get yourself checked by a professional physiatrist. 

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