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Looking for a way to check Instagram stories of your competitors or celebrities, without having to follow them? Want any easy option of downloading their stories, videos, or posts without being seen? Then Storesdown is the service for you! 

With Storiesdown you can save IG stories, watch them offline, analyze the data and reuse them in the future. 

Here are a few questions you may have when planning to use Storiesdown (Official Office). 

1. What is Storiesdown?

Considered to be one of the best Instagram story viewer platforms, Storiesdown lets you watch IG stories anonymously without needing to log in or have an actual account. The Storiesdown platform is great for those people who do not want to be seen or do not have an Instagram account. To understand how others benefit from Instagram, they can use Storiesdown and see the number of likes, shares, and comments on each story.

2. What are the Features of Storiesdown?

 The main features of Storiesdown are:

  • No Instagram account needed – You can view and download any IG stories without logging in or installing the app
  • Anonymously downloading photos and videos – You can check public profiles without them knowing 
  • Easy download and share – You can save high-resolution versions of photos and videos on your devices

3. What Information does Storiesdown Store?

The Storiesdown platform does not need you to sign in or log in. This means that they do not need any personal information for you. In fact, you can check, and download unlimited IG stories without needing to give any information to the platform. 

4. Can I Download the IG Stories on my smartphone with Storiesdown?

With the following steps, you can access all videos and photos of multiple IG users using Storiesdown: 

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone and find the profile you want 
  • Copy the username and add it to the Storiesdown search bar 
  • Click the search option and find the right profile 
  • Search for the right video or photo you want to download
  • Click on the download button and store the Stories on your device 

5. Is there any way the profile owner can tell if I view and download their Stories?

With Storiesdown your identity remains completely hidden and the entire process is 100% safe and secure. The platform does not show any IP address or notifications about the people visiting their profiles. With the Storiesdown platform, you can anonymously view and download IG stories from other profiles. 

6. Are there any charges for Storiesdown?

You can use the Storiesdown IG downloader platform for Free. But if you want to download multiple videos and photos simultaneously, then you can buy the Premium package. 

7. Is the Storiesdown platform legal?

Yes, it is completely legal. There is no policy or regulations against downloading content from Instagram. But, the profiles need to be public. But, considering that Storiesdown is a third-party website that utilizes Instagram’s API to be operational, it may not be as safe. Also, since no username or password is required, it is difficult to protect any images, videos, and stories you download. 

8. Can I reuse the downloaded Stories?

It is recommended that you utilize the stories downloaded for informational purposes. Reusing other people’s stories can lead to legal actions as the copyright belongs to the authors. 

9. Where can I view the downloaded stories?

You can easily view the downloaded stories from the Storiesdown IG downloader platform or rewatch them directly on the platform. You can also save them to your phone or device and rewatch them later on. 

10. Are there any Negative Effects of using Storiesdown?

When you plan to use the Storiesdown platform, there are some negative effects: 

  • You cannot view or download any private account images and videos 
  • You may be subject to privacy issues as the platform does not have any privacy details in place 

11. Does Storiesdown have any benefits?

Here is why using Storiesdown is good for you: 

  • Easy download options for IG stories 
  • View, track and analyze other user profiles without following them 
  • Anonymous browsing options for your profile as well as other public ones as well 
  • Quick and easy no-ad interruptions 
  • Separate storage Cloud for Instagram files and with an easy option to save on phone or device 
  • You can check an unlimited number of IG stories with just the username  


When you want to view, analyze and download IG stories anonymously, then Storiesdown is the platform for you. Most of the features of Storiesdown are free but in case you need to download in bulk, you can take the premium plan.  

One of the biggest advantages is that you do not need to create a profile on the platform, nor do you need any username and password. Just copy the URL or username of the person you want to track and gain access to their IG stories. But remember, these profiles need to be open to the public. In case they are private profiles, you will not be able to access them.

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