Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Review

Which Brooklyn style pizza pops into your mind when you crave a delicious hot pizza? If you are like us then Domino’s is the one. They serve a variety of pizzas and 90% of them are delicious.

But there is the remaining 10% which is not worth your money, and it is impossible to find that 10% without trial and error in other words, it is difficult to figure out whether a pizza is good or bad without actually trying it. But don’t you worry because we are here to save you from those nasty pizzas.

Today we have a pizza from Domino’s, it is Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza and we are going to give you a review on it and will be telling you whether it is worth your trip or not.

What Is a Brooklyn-Style Pizza?

Why are we telling you about what a Brooklyn-style pizza is? Because we want to set a benchmark, you need to know what a Brooklyn-style pizza is before trying domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza.

Brooklyn-style pizza’s history goes back to 1924. Usually, a Brooklyn-style pizza has a thin and crispy crust, and the crust is stretched wider and is loaded with sauce and toppings (preferably pepperoni) and the slices are large.

So, now we have a benchmark, let us dive into the review.

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza Review

In this review, we will judge this pizza on the following parameters.

  1. Crust.
  2. Toppings.
  3. Delivery.
  4. Cost.  

Let’s dive into it.

I) Crust

We ordered a Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza from our nearest domino’s outlet, and it was delivered on time, so plus points for that.

Coming to the crust of the pizza is somewhere between domino’s hand-tossed pizza and thin-crust pizza. It is chewy and thinner than its other pizzas. This is good because an authentic Brooklyn-style pizza has a thin crust.

The crust’s texture, look, and taste are a bit better than that of a supermarket-bought crust. If you like that kind of person who likes a thin-crust pizza, the slice of which you can fold in a half-triangle and enjoy a mouthful of topping and cheese in every bite, then you are good to go.

II) Toppings.

Once a great scholar said ‘Toppings are the crown of a pizza’ or maybe we just made that up. Anyways our Brooklyn-style pizza was pretty plentiful when it comes to toppings.

The topping consists of a domino’s signature sauce which is a perfect combination of tangy and a hint of sweetness, it was very vibrant and the mozzarella cheese was very creamy and salty and we got that necessary pull. The herbs’ taste was very balanced, it was not overpowering the other flavors of the pizza.

One negative point we found was that the pepperonis were very thin, we prefer our pepperonis thick and chunky. But they were generously spread all over the pizza. The pizza was baked just perfectly, giving a slightly charred texture to the cheese, which we enjoyed.  

One star less for thin pepperonis. 

III) Delivery

We like our pizza hot and we hope that you too have the same reference. Though the delivery time is a place-dependent thing, we still want to rate Dominos on that. Our pizza arrived pretty quickly, considering the traffic these days the delivery time was not bad, our pizza was hot and that’s all matters.

So, the delivery gets a 4-ish from our side.

IV) Cost

An extra-large Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza costs around $15 and a small one goes for $10, that’s not bad, it was value for money in our opinion. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Domino’s Brooklyn-Style Pizza

I) How Does Domino’s Brooklyn-Style Pizza Taste?

It is a solid 3.5 out of 5 in our opinion. It does not taste 100% authentic but is somewhere close to it.

II) What Is Domino’s, Brooklyn-Style Crust?

It means a thin crust, as Brooklyn-style pizza has a thin crust. It is somewhere between domino’s hand-tossed pizza and thin-crust pizza. It is chewy and thinner than its other pizza crusts.

III) Is Brooklyn-style Pizza Thin?

Yes, the crust is somewhere between domino’s hand-tossed pizza and thin-crust pizza. It is chewy and thinner than its other pizzas. But the toppings and cheese are plentiful, making it look a bit thick.

IV) What Is the Difference Between Brooklyn and New York-style Pizza?

The only difference between them is crust thickness, Brooklyn-style pizza has a thinner crust than New York-style pizza. 

Parting words

This was our review of Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza. Do we love it, no? Do we hate it, no? It was somewhere in between but more on the good side. The crust was good and chewy, the toppings were generous, the sauce was good, and everything, in general, was good, but still was not like an authentic Brooklyn-style pizza, still it was pretty close to it.

To sum up, it was better than other domino’s pizzas for sure.

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