Crumble Cookie Restaurant Information

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies, they remind us of our grandmother. Cookies are the true definition of love and care and to cater to this definition there is a restaurant, Crumble cookies.

I have heard a lot about this restaurant and its mouth-watering cookies. They have a wide range of cookies and I haven’t heard any bad reviews about any of them. Their milk chocolate chip cookie is their all-time famous.

So, I decided to go try some cookies at Crumble cookies restaurant, and here I am with my personal experience. 

Crumble Cookie Restaurant Information

Crumble cookie was founded by Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan in 2017. They were inspired by the success of fast-food chains and pizza chains. Sawyer and Jason tried and tested many flavors and then came up with their iconic milk chocolate chip cookie, now they have a library of about 170+ amazing flavors.

Initially Crumble cookie had just delivery and take-out services but today they have expanded to curbside pickups and nationwide shipping.

Here is the Official Website – (Click)

Each week’s menu includes 6 mouth-watering flavors out of which 4 are rotated every week. 

Crumble Cookie Restaurant Review

Crumble Cookie Restaurant Information

I went to my nearest crumble cookie restaurant and the first thing I saw was a huge line. I joined the line and waited for my turn.

After some wait, it was my turn to order. I ordered the milk chocolate chip (obviously) and a snickerdoodle cupcake. Here, is my review.

The Restaurant

As I entered the restaurant, I surely had to wait to give my order but I enjoyed that time because the restaurant was filled with the delicious aroma of freshly baked cookies. It reminded me of my childhood days when my grandma used to bake cookies for me and I used to eagerly wait for them to bake.

I loved the overall vibe of the restaurant.

i) Hygiene

The hygiene was on point all the employees were wearing gloves, which I appreciated. There was a transparent window from which I could see how the food was made, I loved that the cookies were freshly made, and that too was right in front of me.

ii) Staff

Sweet cookies, sweet staff. Very friendly and humble. Despite being so crowded the staff was calm and composed, they had friendly smiles on them.

iii) Cookies

I got my cookies in a cute pink box. And when I opened the box, the delicious aroma of the cookies took me back to my childhood days. The cookies were hot and freshly baked.  When I took the first bite, the cookie melted in my mouth. I can taste the butter and other ingredients.

Now I know why their milk chocolate chip cookie is so famous, it was amazing I can confirm that. 

iv) Menu

As told earlier, the menu changes weekly. Each week they have 6 cookies out of which 4 are rotated every week but their milk chocolate chip cookie is always on the menu. You can check out their official menu here.

Final thoughts.

My experience in Crumble cookie restaurant was amazing, I loved the food, I loved the staff, the aroma, and the vibe, everything was very soothing for me. I am looking forward to giving this restaurant another visit. 

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