How Long Is Walmart Orientation? Hiring & Training Process

Are you looking at getting a job at Walmart? Have you already accepted a position in the company? Before you jump into the job, you may be wondering exactly how long is Walmart orientation among others. 

Whether you start as a cashier, a cart pusher, or in management – Walmart has an extensive hiring and training process for all employees. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about the hiring, training, and how long is Walmart orientation. 

What is Walmart’s Hiring Process?

If you haven’t started your application process for Walmart, you may be wondering what it entails. But you need to understand that there is no period for how long is Walmart orientation program. Starting from the application fillup to getting the job can take some time.  

1. Filing of Application:

If you think Walmart is the perfect brand for you, then you start by filling up your application in the Walmart Application Portal. You could also drop in your resume at the nearest store. 

2. Online Assessment:

Once you fill up the form and get selected, you will be requested to complete an online assessment. Questions will depend on the position you are applying for. Follow the instructions carefully and answer all the questions to pass on to the next phrase. 

3. First Interview:

Once you pass the online assessment, you will be called for the first round of interviews. This consists of a best-of-three elimination process. So, prepare for some tricky questions (More Details).

4. Second Interview Session:

Once the hiring team selects the desired candidates from the first round, you will receive a schedule for the second interview. In this session, your skills and abilities will be critically analyzed. 

5. Walmart Orientation:

When the candidate passes the second round of interviews then Walmart may extend a job offer. 

It is at this stage that candidates receive the following information: 

  1. Job details 
  2. Salary 
  3. Background check information 
  4. Drug screening 
  5. Orientation details 
  6. ID proof and more 

Candidates will receive a call for the orientation process once the drug test, background check, and ID check. 

How Long is Walmart’s Orientation in terms of Contacting Selected Candidates?

It is hard especially for candidates to wait until post-selection to start their new jobs. Unfortunately, how long Walmart orientation is decided based on the position applied for and which location you want to work at. Each location has a specific time and standard that governs them. 

In some cases, new hires can expect a joining date of two weeks based on the completion of checking their background. 

Considering how long Walmart’s orientation is, will there be any remunerations for that period?

Orientation is considered part of the work time, and it does include remunerations. The salary you are supposed to receive as a regular hourly wage is what you will be provided with during the orientation period. 

What Should I carry during the Walmart Orientation?

Considering how long is Walmart orientation, you need to learn about the role and job expectations during the period. So, carry a notebook and a pen with you to note down everything. You will also be asked to complete several administrative tasks during the orientation period. 

Also, you will be asked to carry and present papers for your I9 – Social Security Card, ID, Drivers License) including your writing material. 

So, How Long is Walmart Orientation?

Walmart’s new orientation program generally lasts a week. This includes time spent in the training facilities and shadowing a friendly senior co-worker. 

Considering how long is Walmart Orientation, what happens post?

When considering how long is Walmart orientation, it includes a schedule of training and extra classes, which includes: 

  • Understanding company policies 
  • Understand Walmart’s benefits 
  • Practice moving heavy objects, using the register, and how to connect with customers 
  • Dressing appropriately for work, knowing what to say to the customers 
  • Learn basic sales 
  • Understand occupational safety 

How Should I get ready for Walmart Orientation?

Keeping in mind everything that you need to learn, take advantage of the time before you start your orientation. Before you start, get to know the following topics: 

1. Company culture:

Walmart’s mission statement is “TOGETHER, WE CAN BUILD A BETTER WALMART”. From this, we understand that Walmart places importance on employees following company culture. Employees are crucial to the brand’s long-term success. Because of this, it is best to understand and follow company policies.

2. What is Walmart unique:

Walmart is considered America’s favorite and successful brand. When it comes to customer service, Walmart always looks for people who go out of their way to help their customers. 

3. Understand the company’s values:

Walmart’s basic values are “customer first, frontline oriented, inventive & agile, listen, inclusive, high performance, accountability, honesty, and fairness,” As a recruit, you need to make sure you align your role with the values of the brand. 

How long is Walmart’s orientation on a day-to-day basis?

Walmart’s orientation program spans 8 hours. Here you will be taught company cultures, policies, workplace safety, and more. 

Post Walmart orientation, how long till you can start working? 

Normally after 2 days after background checks are done, the Walmart HR department calls you in for orientation. It takes about a week to finish the drug test and all computer-related tests. You need to pay attention to this step if the team feels you are not paying attention or equipped then they may cancel your employment. 

What do you need to do for Walmart orientation?

For the orientation, you will need to see some videos, talk to the people working in the store, take a tour of the store, and work on the computer training courses. 

If I complete the Walmart orientation does it mean I have the job?

Yes, it means that you have a job. Unless Walmart management is sure that you fit in, it will not schedule you for their orientation process. Also, if you do not clear the background check, then your job offer is canceled. 


Getting a job at Walmart is a great way to start your career or build your work experience. It does not matter if you are working part-time or in a managerial position, the orientation program is the first step in your process. So, stop wondering how long is Walmart orientation, and start looking to build your career path.

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