Is The Peace Prosperity 50p Worth Anything?

There are over 150 rare Peace Prosperity 50p coins listed on eBay that appear to be selling for thousands of pounds more than their original face value. But are these 50p Peace Prosperity coins really worth it? Let’s take a look. 

The Brexit 50p coins for sale were released into circulation on 31st January as a mark for Britain’s departure from the EU. These Peace Prosperity 50p coins were put into circulation bearing the inscription “Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” alongside the date of Britain’s departure from the EU. 

People waited in anticipation for the Peace Prosperity 50p coins but experts warned others of fakes. Some of these rare coins are selling for hundreds of pounds more than their face value. So what makes these 50p Peace Prosperity coins so expensive?

How rare is the Brexit 50p coin for sale?

According to the Royal Mint’s circulation figures, only 10,001,000 Peace Prosperity 50p coins were put into circulation when Britain departed from the EU. This makes it the 36th-rarest 50p coin. But with such a large figure of coins available, you may be wondering – how is it a rare coin? 

To put it into perspective, the rarest 50p coin ever made was the 2009 Kew Gardens coin which has about 210,000 pieces minted. The 50p Peace Prosperity coin has around 10,001,000 making it 36th. 

Coin enthusiasts comment that the mintage for the Peace Prosperity 50p coins is high and that collectors have a good chance of getting one. Even the Error coins that have printing mistakes could also make you a tidy profit. 

Alexandra Fiddons, ChangeCkecker expert told The Mirror: ‘“The 50p was teased for a long while before the UK’s official exit from the European Union and when it was officially released into circulation, people were eager to snap them up for their own collections.”

“This coin marks an incredibly significant moment in British history and it’s possible that people who aren’t usually interested in the hobby, may have been tempted to secure this 50p to commemorate the event forever.” 

With the Brexit 50p coin for sale, you could even get the rarer versions where the dates stamped were off a day earlier. 

How much is the Peace Prosperity 50p coin worth?

Once the 50p Peace Prosperity launched, the coins were sold for more than 20 times their face value. Two coins were sold for £10.50 after receiving bids. The coins were uncirculated that they were in near-minting condition but they did not come in protective packaging. 

Some collectors have listed the Brexit 50p coin for sale but that does not mean they have bought this much. One coin was being sold for £15,000 but there are no current bids. Another coin was sold for £10,000 with just a single bid. When some coins are sold on eBay, the seller can list coins for any price. 

Also, another listing for the 50p Peace Prosperity coin was found that sold for £1410 after 10 bids. 

How to check if your 50p Peace Prosperity coin is worth anything?

If you think you have an error 50p Peace Prosperity coin, or the Brexit 50p coin for sale, then you make be able to make a few pounds. The most valuable coins are those with errors that collectors want. You can check eBay or any auction sites for the coins and see the ‘sold’ listing options. This will give you an idea of how much the coins are worth. But in most cases, the coins do not sell for the actual listed price. 

In some cases, collectors are willing to pay more for the Peace Prosperity 50p coin if they want to collect the set. 

You can always sell the coin on eBay or other specialist sites like If you choose auction websites then remember to set minimum prices that are higher than the coin’s face value. 

But, even if someone agrees to buy it at the mentioned price, there is no actual guarantee that the sale will go through. eBay does have the rule that states that the bidder enters a ‘legally binding contract to purchase the item’, but there is no option of enforcing the rule. At the most eBay can add a note of purchase in their account or remove their ability to bid. 


If you are the proud owner of a 50p Peace Prosperity coin and want to spread the message of ‘peace prosperity and friendship with all nations’ 50p, then you can always sell the rare coin online. But keep watch to check what the other sellers are listing their coins for. Prices of the coins are only going to rise due to their rarity. 

If you are looking to buy the 50p Peace Prosperity coin then look at online auction sites. But remember to check for authenticity, as there are multiple fakes available in the market.

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