What is com.facebook.katana? All You Need To Know About It

Ever come across com.facebook.katana? Always wondered what it’s about? Will it hack your phone? Is it malicious software out to steal your data? 

Not really! 

Com.facebook.katana or FB Katana is the codename given to the Facebook application. With it, you can now get the application that is responsible for the proper functioning of the platform. 

Most social media applications have backend codenames, but they are mostly not visible to us. So, it is understandable to be a little shocked about com.facebook.katana. 

Let’s take a look at what is com.facebook.katana to clear all your doubts. 

What is com.facebook.katana? 

Facebook Katana is nothing but an application folder. This comes with Facebook whenever it is installed on your iOS or Android device. The system-level codename is given for our Facebook application. 

In order to get this removed from your mobile device means that you either can uninstall or erase the application. People who have the Facebook application built into their mobile devices cannot remove this but can disable it. 

Do all Social Media Applications have something similar to com.facebook.katana?

Yes, just like Facebook, other social media applications have these codenames. But, in other cases, they are hidden from the users. This is why we have never heard of them. 

To your knowledge, you can look for the codenames of all the other social media applications but it is not something to get worked up over. 

Why is it called com.facebook.katana? 

According to Charles Wu, the first Product Manager of the official Facebook application for Android mobile users, they tried to name the product as com.facebook.facebook. But for multiple reasons, it was turned down. So, the original idea they came up with was ‘Cortana’ from Halo. But again, due to copyright issues, they changed the name to Katana. The Katana has a symbolic association with the application, where it has multiple layers that are repeatedly folded to create a masterpiece (just like the Facebook application). 

For these reasons, the Facebook application received the name com.facebook.katana. 

Can com.facebook.katana harm your device?

Just as com.facebook.orca comes with Facebook messenger, com.facebook.katana comes with the Facebook application. It is not malware or a virus that will harm your mobile device.

But if there is any issue with pop-ups or with the application, you can connect with customer support.

If you have any issues with com.facebook.katana how to solve them?

If you face any problems with com.facebook.katana then you can solve them easily with the following steps: 

For Android Phones:

  • Go to Settings on your phone 
  • Tap on Apps & notifications tab 
  • In See, All Apps click on the Facebook tab 
  • Look for Storage & Cache option and click on it 
  • Click on the Clear Cache option 
  • Login back to the Facebook Application

In the Facebook Application:

  • Open the Facebook Application and tap on More 
  • Open Settings option
  • Go to the Account Settings 
  • Tap on the Browser option 
  • Click on Clear Data 
  • Remove any cache or cookies  

Is There Any Way To remove com.facebook.katana?

There is no way to remove com.facebook.katana, other than removing the complete Facebook application folder from your device. This means that you need to uninstall the application completely from your phone. 

But, there is no real purpose for deleting this folder. It simply creates or recreates itself without any notification or hindrance to your phone. 

Should you resort to paying Data Recovery Authors to fix the com.facebook.katana issue?

We know that com.facebook.katana is a folder name generated by Facebook itself. So, there is nothing vicious about it. It cannot harm your phone, steal your data, or load a virus into your phone. 

The main goal of these Data Recovery Authors is to make money. They claim that they can remove it, but in reality, they will clear your data or remove the cache. But for this, they will need access to your account, and they can then take all your personal details. 

So, it is better to trust Facebook creators, designers, and makers rather than a third party who might steal your information. 


Now you know everything about com.facebook.katana. With all the information, you can now rest easy that all your data, photos, and information on your phone are safe. Please do not trust any third party when they say they can remedy the issue, because there is no such issue.

If com.facebook.katana bothers you too much you can just uninstall and delete the Facebook application from your Android or iOS device and log in to Facebook from a web browser on your device.

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