What is Fansly? Is Fansly Legit? Fansly Full Reviews

The 21st century is the era of content creators. 

We all are spending our time on social media which is giving this industry a boost. 

Initially, Instagram, Facebook, and youtube were prime platforms for content creators. However, with this increase in the industry other players have also entered this sphere and have launched their apps.

Some of them are good however, some of them are a bit fishy. 

Talking about newly launched platforms, one such platform is Fansly. If you are here then you probably have heard about it.

However, one doubt must be in your mind, is fansly legit? 

Don’t worry this blog is going to be all about fansly, a platform that has attracted a suspicious about of hype. 

What is Fansly?

Fansly was once a tiny platform that recently has attracted a lot of visitors and subscribers. 

Fansly is a platform where people can sell their content, yes it is somewhat like Only fans. The reason behind the sudden increase in popularity of Fansly is the recent announcement by OnlyFans in which they changed rules and banned all adult content. 

Fansly allows creators to sell any adult content, this attracted most of the traffic from OnlyFans to Fansly. 

In Fansly you can subscribe to your favorite creator’s profile however, there is a subscription fee, 20% of which goes to Fansly and the remaining 80% is the creator’s earnings. 

Fansly allows you to subscribe to a creator for a limited period of time. 

Who owns Fansly?

Popular platform Fansly was established in 2020 and is owned by Select Media LLC, registered in Baltimore, Maryland. Fansly receives more than 4,000 content creators’ applications per hour. 

This fast-growing platform was once small. 

The surge in the user of Fansly increased when the popular adult content platform OnlyFans issued guidelines for banning all adult content. 

The creators shifted to Fansly where they can freely post and sell their content, this also attracted the users of OnlyFans and resulted in a sudden increase in the traffic and users of Fansly.

Pros and Cons of Fansly

Fansly is not a perfect platform, it has its pros and cons. 

Let’s take a look at them one by one. 

Pros of Fansly

Let us start with the pros. 

  •  Content preview

In Fansly you can preview the creator’s content for free. This helps the subscribers to have a clear picture of what they are buying. 

  • Customizable income

In Fansly the creators can customize their packages to attract maximum buyers. This helps them to gain maximum income without going too overboard with their rates. 

  • Referrals

If you prefer Fansly to a fan or creator you get 1% off all the purchases that they did within 90 days. 

When you refer Fansly to a creator you get an affiliate of 5% of the creator’s earnings for a year! 

This innovative feature enables Fansly to gain more creators and fans. 

  • Great support team

Fansly promises an optimum level of customer support, this ensures that both the creator and the fans feel safe and comfortable on the platform. 

  • Security

Fansly has a brilliant policy that prevents piracy and data stealing. This makes Fansly a safe and secure platform for both creators and fans. 

Cons of Fansly

Here are some cons of Fansly. 

  • Less content

As Fansly is a budding platform, it lacks content creators.  However, it will not be long before Fansly will develop a good user base. 

  • Limited payment option

In Fansly fans can only pay with either form credit or debit card, this limits fans from using other modes of payment, which at times may be inconvenient. 

So these were some cons of Fansly. 

Is Fansly Legal?

Now one question that pops into the mind of almost all users is, is Fansly legit? Should you trust the platform? 

Well, the legitimacy of this is questioned by many users and many reviews say that Fansly has issues with security and privacy.

The website is legally registered and has a domain name but it seems like some fans experienced frauds like credit card information stealing, plus there are a lot of fake profiles which can trick fans into paying money. 

But there is another side to this, some reviews praise Fansly for its security and say that it is a good alternative to OnlyFans. 

Therefore, there are mixed reviews on the internet.

But whether you will be tricked or not depends upon your awareness, don’t pay for a subscription till you are sure that the creator is real.

How do Creators Earn on Fansly?

In Fansly you can make money in four different ways. 

Unlike OnlyFans, Fansly allows creators to have full control over their earnings. 

Let’s take a look at the four ways by which you can make money on Fansly. 

Firstly you can sell individual content, for example, you can sell just one post, and the person will pay for viewing that one post. 

As their support for you grows they can become your regular subscribers. 

Secondly, you can make money by selling different bundles of content at different rates, you can set different prices for different types of content, which helps you to target fans with all budget ranges. 

The third way to earn on Fansly is by communicating and selling your content via DMs. yes, you can DM your fans and tell them about your offers and sell them directly. This increases engagement and enables you to form a strong and trustworthy community. 

And the final way to earn money on Fansly is by referrals.  If you prefer Fansly to a creator then you can 5% of their sales for a year! 

These were four ways by which you can earn money on Fansly. 

How much can you make on Fansly?

Fansly claims that their top creators make over $10,000 a month! Therefore, making good money on Fansly is possible.

Creators have to pay 20% of their earnings to Fansly. Therefore, creators are left with 80% of their income.

One good thing about Fansly is that creators can customize their plans and target different fans. The best way to earn big money on Fansly is by gaining the maximum number of subscribers possible.

Creators can DM their fans and tell them about their packages, this increases customer engagement which ultimately boosts their subscribers.

Parting Words

So this was all you need to know about Fansly.

It sure is a new platform but it is growing at a fast pace and in the near future, it will become a giant.

Yes, there are some hiccups in the platform but they will be resolved in the future.

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