SentinelX NFC Device Review – Full Review | Is it worth it?

The latest addition to the SentinelX family, the Sentinel NFC card uses the latest technology to verify the authenticity of location for coin users. The device has been created to make sure that customers get the best benefits when using their coins. 

To understand more about the Sentinel NFC device, keep reading on! 

What is the Sentinel NFC device?

You can always use the coins without the Sentinel NFC device. But, if you use the device you can earn rewards up to 12X on the basic coin plan or get a 10% boost on premium coin plans. The best part of the Sentinel NFC device – it does not need any batteries. 

You can just scan it using your phone and get the temporary boost required. 

Every time you scan the Sentinel NFC device, you get a 4-hour boost on the basic coin plan and a 12-hour boost on the premium plan. 

The card is slim, waterproof, and looks more like a credit card. Inside the card is the Sentinel NFC chip that connects with your Android or iOS phone. The Sentinel NFC device is XYO Foundation-approved, so it works with all XYO-enabled apps. 

There are two types of Sentinel NFC devices – one shaped like a credit card, and the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) option shaped like a hexagon. 

What are the Benefits of the Sentinel NFC device?

The Sentinel NFC devices have the following benefits: 

  1. Near-field communication technology: You can simply tap the Sentinel NFC device with your Android or iOS phone to scan the COIN app. But before purchasing the product, check if your device is compatible. 
  2. The Sentinel NFC device is waterproof: The Sentinel NFC antenna is built into the card. So, you do not need to worry about getting the device wet. 
  3. Rewards guaranteed: Based on the COIN app plan (basic or premium) – 12x for Basic and 10% for premium. 
  4. Approved by XYO Foundation: The Sentinel NFC device is approved by COIN app users on XYO Foundation’s open-source platform. 

What are the Features of the Sentinel NFC device?

The features of the Sentinel NFC devices include: 

  1. Geomine and Geoclaim: You can now easily collect your COIN app rewards with the latest Sentinel NFC device. It can easily collect and share your locations without you having to update the app. 
  2. Add in a Home base: With the latest Sentinel NFC devices, you can add in a home base and collect coins from visiting locations near your home. 
  3. Product scans: You can get in-store rewards with scavenger hunts while learning about all the new products 
  4. Store visit rewards: Get offers, deals, rewards, and coupons while visiting popular stores in the marked locations 
  5. Physical redemptions: With the Sentinel NFC devices you can get real-world prizes as well. Trade your coins for T-shirts, games, gadgets, and more! 

How does the COIN App function?

The COIN App is a geo-mining app where you earn money by sharing your location. The more you change your location, the more you earn. COIN offers rewards in the form of tokens. You can change these rewards or swap them for digital currencies like ETH or BTC. 

The COIN App has more than 750,000 users today. These users earn rewards by sharing their geo-location data while commuting, traveling, jogging, cycling, running, and traveling the world. 

The app also has challenges that you can complete to get more rewards like visiting specific locations. When traveling you need to click on the pickaxe button to confirm your location and then share it with XYO Network. In exchange you receive tokens. 

Is the COIN App safe?

The COIN app or Sentinel NFC device may sound creepy, but in reality, it does not track any other data other than your location. It does not collect personal information such as an address, name, or email, not even WiFi signals, or cell signals – it simply collects GPS signals. 

You can enhance your location tracking with the latest Sentinel NFC devices. But, if your phone is more than 50 meters from the Sentinel NFC device, then your phone will not be able to detect it. You will have to rescan the Sentinel NFC device to get rewards. 


If you are looking for the perfect option to save your locations and collect your rewards faster then the Sentinel NFC devices are for you. With these devices, you can now connect your iOS or Android devices easily to the COIN App and keep your locations marked faster. 

But, before you purchase the device remember to check if they are compatible with your devices or not. In case, they are not compatible, you can always ask for a refund. The Sentinel NFC devices are available for between $13-$18 and arrive within 10-15 days of purchase.

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