What is com.facebook.orca? All You Need To Know About It

Have you ever mistakenly deleted your Facebook messenger application from your Facebook profile? 

If you think there is no way to recover deleted messages from your Facebook account, think again – com.facebook.orca is here to rescue you! 

Com.facebook.orca can easily retrieve all your deleted data and messages, especially from android devices. Why Android? Because the application is an android supporting system. 

So, let’s take a look at com.facebook.orca, what it does, how to recover deleted messages, and what happens if com.facebook.orca is not working.

What is com.facebook.orca?

Com.facebook.orca is an android supported application that stores files. It is used explicitly by Facebook to store documents, images, videos, audio, cache, cookies, and more.

The application is pretty smart because it does not access everything – only the information shared on Facebook. Com.facebook.orca also looks like a URL, but it is a generic file storage application where all your Facebook messages are stored automatically. When using it for the first time you may think it is a virus because you cannot delete the file. 

Yes, indeed, you cannot delete com.facebook.orca but can temporarily remove the name of the file. When you reinstall the messenger platform, it will reappear again. 

Why is com.facebook.orca Important?

Com.facebook.orca is important because it is a virtual storage folder for Facebook Messenger. When you open the messenger application it scans through and stores the information in different formats. Also, the application cannot be deleted. So, if you mistakenly delete Facebook Messenger you have a backup of all the important messages in the com.facebook.orca folder. 

But this folder is explicitly available on your Android device. If you use it from your browser on your laptop or smartphone, then it will not capture the information. 

The best part of com.facebook.orca – is it can recover previously deleted messages. 

How can you Recover Deleted Facebook Messages using com.facebook.orca? 

Now that we know that com.facebook.orca is a storage application for Facebook Messenger, it is generally kept in an encrypted format to increase security. So, it is possible to use the folder to recover previously deleted messages. With the following steps you can recover your deleted texts, videos, images, audio, and more in no time: 

  • Go to the File Explorer App (you can use the default File Manager app on your device) 
  • Go to the Storage or SD card section 
  • Click on the Android folder and then click data 
  • Locate the Applications folder and click on com.facebook.orca
  • In the folder, navigate to the Cache tab and search for fb_temp
  • Copy the file 
  • Delete and Reinstall the Facebook Messenger app on your phone but do not log in 
  • Go back to the same directory Android > Data > Applications > com.facebook.orca > Cache Folder 
  • Paste the previously copied fb_temp file into this folder 
  • Now go back to the Messenger app and log in to Facebook normally 

And voila! All your deleted messages are back! 

How Do I Recover Deleted Facebook Messages from my Desktop or Laptop? 

If you have a laptop or a desktop it is easier to recover your messages because you can easily move, copy and paste files. Here are the steps to recover Facebook Messages on your desktop or laptop: 

  • Connect your android phone to your PC with a USB cable 
  • Once connected in the File Transfer mode, go to the My Computer section 
  • Double click on your device and go to Internal Storage 
  • Double click on Android and go to the Data folder ( this folder varies from phone to phone, so check for com.facebook.orca as your ultimate folder) 
  • Double click the com.facebook.orca folder 
  • Go to the Cache file and look for the fb_temp folder. Press Ctrl + C (on Windows) or Cmd + C (on Mac) 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Messenger app from your phone but do not log in right away 
  • Go back to the com.facebook.orca > Cache folder and paste the fb_temp file there. 
  • Go to the Messenger app and log in using your credentials. 

Congratulations! You now have all your recovered Facebook messages! 

What if com.facebook.orca is Not Working or Showing an Error?

If you keep getting an error message and are unable to use the Messenger app, then it is probably due to a bug. Here’s how you can fix this: 

  • Go to Settings on your device and click on Applications. Go to the Installed Apps list, and click on the Messenger app. 
  • Click on Force Stop. You may get the warning notice ‘if you force stop, the application may misbehave’. Click on OK 
  • Or, you could also ‘Clear all data’ for both Facebook apps to remove the cache and fix this issue 
  • Or, uninstall and reinstall the Messenger app to fix this issue 


Now you know everything about com.facebook.orca, how to use it and how it can help you. Remember that it is not a virus or malware but a generic Facebook Messenger folder that stores data and information. The best part of the folder is that you can recover all data previously deleted from Messenger. 

We understand – everyone makes mistakes! But com.facebook.orca can recover all your deleted information through a simple process. Just remember to use your Android device to get back everything you lost!

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