What are Three Components in The Youtube Ecosystem?

Youtube is one of the most famous video streaming platforms out there. No matter what you need youtube has something for you.

DIY, tutorials, academics, courses, vlogs, entertainment, you name it youtube has it. 

Studies have also shown that people prefer consuming video graphics content more than written or vocal content, no doubt why youtube is so famous.

If you are a content creator on youtube then you must already know how difficult it is to rank your videos on youtube.

You need quality content, a good and engaging audience, a good knowledge of SEO, and whatnot.

Hence if you want to monetize your youtube channel you need to master all of these.

Every creator on youtube must once in a lifetime must have thought.

What are three components in the youtube ecosystem?

If you are one such creator then don’t worry because in this blog I will talk about three components of the youtube ecosystem.

But first, let us talk about the youtube ecosystem. 

What is The Youtube Ecosystem?

Youtube is a platform where creators create videos and post them, in return, they get views and likes as feedback for their videos.

More people like to consume video graphics content than any other type of content and which is a very inevitable thing.

When was the last time you read a tutorial online?

You must have not done it in ages. 

That’s why youtube is here, it has almost all types of content.

Do you need to learn a new skill? Youtube has it.

A new recipe? Youtube has got you.

Wanna do affiliate marketing? Yes, you can do that from youtube as well.

In general, youtube is a platform that is built by creators.

But it is to be kept in mind that creators mean nothing without their viewers or what we all audience.

They are the real reason behind the popularity of youtube. 

who is The Audience?

Anyone who is watching youtube videos is the creator audience, it can be a one-time audience that is people who accidentally found that youtube video and watched it but caches are they will probably never return, and then there is the engaging audience, they are tour loyal audience who have subscribed to your channel and watch all your youtube videos. 

This loyal audience is your main focus, you have to make them your audience y providing them the value they are seeking for.

By Constantly upgrading the quality of your videos you can be sure that your audience will be around your channel for a long time.

Plus the main thing is to engage with them as well. Maybe pin a comment that you find good, answer their queries in the comment section, or make a whole video about that query, do a Q&A, one of the best ways to tell more about yourself to your audience. 

Hence, the youtube ecosystem is all about your engaging audience, if you have a good amount of engaging audience, you are doing great on youtube. 

But how to know who is your loyal audience and who is not?

Youtube creators are provided with valuable insights by youtube itself, you can see how many people have subscribed, commented, and shred your videos and how many of them just watch your videos.

You can even figure out the percentage of your male and female audience.

Hence, youtube has a powerful ecosystem, you can make a community of your own.

Using youtube as an advertising platform. 

Not just entertainment or education is possible on youtube, you can even advertise your products on youtube and it is very simple, just make a short tutorial video or sponsor a creator.

Hence, you can do almost anything with youtube’s ecosystem. 

All you need is an engaging audience, they are like youtube’s very own currency and have to be valued. 

So now that you know what makes a youtube ecosystem let us talk about the three composites of the youtube ecosystem. 

What are The Three Components of The Youtube Ecosystem?

As a creator, this question may frequently pop into your mind.

What are the three components of the youtube ecosystem?

What are those three components that make up youtube’s ecosystem?

So the three components of youtube’s ecosystem are.

  1. Creators. 
  2. Advertisers.
  3. Fans. 

These three things make up the ecosystem of youtube.

Hence, these are the things that you have to conquer in order to boost the growth of your youtube channel. 

If you are unfamiliar with these three components then don’t worry let me talk about each one of them in detail. 

1. Creators

We all know who creators are.

Creators on any platform are the individuals who create the content of that platform. 

Youtube has grown many times in the past and it is all thanks to the new and talented creators, who revolutionized the way youtube videos were. 

Creators on youtube bring new and innovative ways to catch viewers’ attention, be it those super cool cinematic shots, crisp and satisfying sound quality, or high-quality information, there is something that every creator is good at.

Things do not stop here, youtube used to be an entertainment app, and it still is but some things sure have changed.

Now creators can make a living out of youtube, they get paid by youtube according to the views and subscribers they get.

This has further challenged creators to upgrade their videos to attract more and more subscribers. 

Here youtube has transitioned from being an entertainment app to an app that generates income opportunities.

If you are a creator yourself here are some things you can do to improve the quality of your channel.

  • Upgrade the quality of your videos.
  • Make sound quality better.
  • Add more information.
  • Gather an engaging audience.
  • Invest in good videography gears.
  • Upgrade your way of storytelling. 

These are some ways to upgrade the quality of your youtube channel. 

2. Advertisers

The second component of a youtube ecosystem is advertisers.

The ads that you see before every video is what I am talking about.

On youtube, if you want to earn money it is very important to monetize your channel.

There are many ways by which you can monetize your channel and one of them is by running ads.

You don’t have to bother how, you just need a good amount of viewers and join a youtube ad campaign.

Youtube will take care of the ads and you take care of your earnings.

But why do ads form an important component of youtube? 

Everyone uses youtube and this is why companies target youtube for promotions.

Their target audience is there and a creator has already further narrowed down the audience, hence it becomes easier for companies to target the audience. 

This is why companies are targeting people through youtube and this made advertisers a very important part of its ecosystem. 

3. Fans

Youtube is nothing without fans.

The existence of creators and advertisers on youtube will be not worth it if there are no fans on youtube.

If you are confused then viewers are called fans. 

They are the people that watch the videos and subscribe and connect with the creators.

Fans are like the backbone of the youtube industry, without which the industry will collapse in a matter of days. 

The only reason creators pay a lot of attention to their fans is that they are the currency of youtube.

If you have a strong fan base on youtube you can rule your niche.

More fans are also synonyms for more videos and more likes which ultimately means more dollars in your pocket.

Anyone willing to make money out of youtube has to prioritize his fans before anything else.

Youtube channel can collapse in a matter of weeks if it loses all its fans, fans make youtube what it is today.

Without fans, no advertiser will even bother to give his advertisement on youtube and without that how can a creator monetize his channel?

After all, advertisers will be the major chunk of your earnings. 

Hence, fans can make and break youtube and this is why they are a very crucial part of the ecosystem.

So these were the three components of youtube.

Parting Words

So this was all you need to know about the three components of youtube.

  • Creators
  • Advertisers 
  • Fans 

Are three components of youtube and you grow these three need to be prioritized over anything else.

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