What is Onlyfans? Onlyfans.com How Does It Work?

Online platforms where people can sell their content are becoming popular these days. Many creators don’t depend upon youtube’s algorithm for getting their content to monetize, they instead prefer to sell it directly to their audience. 

Many platforms allow you to do that, but some of them are not trustworthy. 

Talking about trustworthy platforms, one such platform that gained huge hype during the pandemic is Onlyfans.

You must have seen this platform in a meme or somewhere on the internet, there is no way a person could not have been familiar with the name.

But what is Onlyfans? Why has it become so famous?  And how does it work? 

You must have such questions in mind and in this blog we will take a deep look into what Onlyfans is and how it works. 

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an online platform where creators from all around the world sell their content. Creators set their profiles and bundle their content according to the price, the buyers or fans of the creator subscribe and buy the creator’s content. 

Content like photos, videos, and live streams are some of the most popular content onOnlyfans. In Onlyfans creators are mainly YouTubers, fitness trainers, celebrities, and models however, recently Onlyfans have also attracted creators from the adult industry. 

Onlyfans was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016 and as of 2023, the website has more than 30 million registered users and more than 450,000 content creators from across the globe. 

Pros and Cons of Onlyfans

The platform Onlyfans has some pros and cons. 

Pros of Onlyfans 

Let’s start with the pros of Onlyfans.

  • Genuine. 

Onlyfans is a trusted website, fans get what they want and the platform works seamlessly. The creator may cheat you but Onlyfans in itself is a trustworthy platform. 

  • Price range. 

The price range for a subscription starts from $44.99 per month to $49.99 per month. This enables people from all budget ranges to engage with their favorite creators. 

  • Creators. 

You won’t be bored in Onlyfans. They have a lot of creators across all the niches. 

These were some pros of Onlyfans. 

Cons of Onlyfans

Here are some cons of Onlyfans. 

  •  Adult content. 

Onlyfans is infamous for its abundance of adult content. However, the website has ruled out some guidelines for banning adult content in the future. 

  • No custom plans.

Only fans don’t allow creators to form their custom bundles. Onlyfans have their subscription plans according to which the creators and the subscribers have to work. 

These were some cons of Onlyfans. 

Is Onlyfans legit? 

Many people doubt whether Onlyfans is legit or not, and it is mainly because it is hard to trust a website that has become a hub for content creators from the adult industry. 

However, one won’t have to worry about it, because Onlyfans is a legit website and is very trustworthy. 

How do Onlyfans works?

Onlyfans is a subscription-based website, which means that you need to subscribe to a creator to view their content. 

Onlyfans allow creators to post their content, the fans or subscribers subscribe to the creator and can view their content. 

80% of the subscription fees go to the creator whereas the remaining 20% goes to Onlyfans.

There are strict rules and regulations regarding paid content, the fans can’t screenshot or screen record the paid content, and neither can they download the content, if a fan tries to do any such thing then the fan can get banned from the website. 

Therefore, the only way to use only fans is by paying a subscription fee. 

Who uses Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an open platform for all kinds of creators it as artists, trainers, writers, dancers, musicians, etc. 

Anyone who can upload their content on Onlyfans can become a creator. 

As Onlyfans has all kinds of content including pornographic content, that gets banned on other social media platforms, the fans need to be more than the age of 18. 

Onlyfans is not only famous among creators but this platform has also attracted celebrities, they make an Onlyfans account to interact with their fans, especially with live streams. 

In nutshell, Onlyfans can be accessed by everyone willing to sell or buy content. 

What content sells best on Onlyfans?

In Onlyfans you can sell a variety of content, however not all content performs equally, the content that performs best are photos and videos, especially from the adult content niches. 

Recently Onlyfans has become a hub for adult content creators, creators sell their adult content especially, photos and videos on Onlyfans. 

However, this is not the whole picture, for a creator of any niche photos and videos will perform and sell best on Onlyfans. 

Celebrities who use Onlyfans?

Celebrities have also started to show interest in Onlyfans and have set up their own creator’s accounts. 

The main purpose of celebrities using Onlyfans is to interact with their fans, especially with live streaming. 

Here is a list of celebrities who use Onlyfans. 

1. Bhad Bhabie

  • Username: bhadbhabie
  • Launched: April 2021
  • Subscription rate: $24.99

2. Cardi B

  • Username: iamcardib
  • Launched: August 2020
  • Subscription rate: $4.99

3. Dj Khaled and Fat Joe

  • Launched: January 2021
  • Subscription rate: Free

4. Jordyn Woods

  • Username: jordynwoods
  • Launched: October 2020
  • Subscription rate: Free

5. Bella Thorne

  • Username: bellathorne
  • Launched: August 2020
  • Subscription rate: Free

6. Amber Rose 

  • Username: amberrose
  • Launched: September 2020
  • Subscription rate: $5

7. Malu Trevejo

  • Username: malutrevejovip
  • Launched: October 2020
  • Subscription rate: $14.99

8. Chris Brown

  • Username: chrisbrownofficial
  • Launched: November 2020
  • Subscription rate: $20

9. Blac Chyna 

  • Username: blacchyna
  • Launched: April 2020
  • Subscription rate: $19.99

10. Rubi Rose

  • Username: rubixrose
  • Launched: June 2020
  • Subscription rate: $14.99

11. Larsa Pippen

  • Username: larsapippen
  • Launched: May 2021
  • Subscription rate: Free

12. Tana Mongeau

  • Username: tanamongeau 
  • Launched: May 2020
  • Subscription rate: Free

13. Trey Songz

  • Username: treysongz
  • Launched: December 2020
  • Subscription rate: $20

14. Corinna Kopf

  • Username: corinnakopf
  • Launched: June 2021
  • Subscription rate: $19.99

How much do creators earn from Onlyfans?

Some creators on Onlyfans earn a huge amount of money however, this is not the case with all creators on Onlyfans. 

On average creators earn $180/month, these creators are the ones who have none to a low fan base and hardly interact with their fans.

Only serious creators earn good on Onlyfans (Official Website). 

Stats have shown that 7,000 to 8,000 new creators join Onlyfans every day! With 500,000 users per day! 

These crazy numbers show how popular Onlyfans is and top earners are earning millions. 

Top Onlyfans Earners

Here are the top 5 Onlyfans earners. 

1. Blac Chyna 

  • Followers: 16M+
  • Monthly earnings: $20M 

2. Bella Throne 

  • Followers: 24M+ 
  • Monthly earnings: $11m 

3. Cardi B

  • Followers: 81M 
  • Monthly earnings: $9.43M

4. Tyga 

  • Followers: 21.8M 
  • Monthly earnings: $7.69 

5. Mia Khalifa

Followers: 22.7M 

Monthly earnings: $6.42M 

Parting Words

So this was all about Onlyfans.

Yes, it may have a bad image of being a pornographic-centric platform but there are other creators as well. 

You have to be above the age of 18 to register on this platform.

As for earning there is a good opportunity to monetize your content however, you have to be consistent and have to engage a lot with your audience.

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