5 Helpful Tyre and Car Maintenance Tips

Car ownership used to be something of a status symbol, and going for a drive – literally just driving around in order to enjoy a moving vista for an hour or two – used to be a common activity for those lucky enough to own a car.

Today, vehicle ownership tends to be more prosaic, with many people, from all walks of life, buying a car for their work, to make family life easier or for a variety of sensible reasons. People usually prefer going on long trips around the UK to metropolitan areas like Yorkshire or even Buckinghamshire to meet friends and relatives.

 But how can you get the best from your car and avoid large repair bills as much as possible? Here are five helpful tyre and car maintenance tips.

Drive Sensibly

Always adhere to the speed limit, drive slower in poor conditions, and avoid rough or untreated roads. This advice might sound quite parental and fussy, but it is a great way to make sure you look after your car, avoiding excess wear and tear and damage to your vehicle. And this is without mentioning the legal consequences that can arise from breaking the speed limit or driving off-road…

The more careful you are with your car from the beginning, the longer it will stand you in good stead, repaying your care with longevity.

Check Tyres Often

Get into the habit of checking your tyres reasonably often – say, every two weeks when you drive every day. Moreover having a regular check on the tyre inflation level and its minimum required tread depth also helps prolong tyres life.

This will help you to pick up on the early signs of damage or failure, allowing you to get your car to your mechanic to alleviate the problem as best they can. And if they can’t fix the old and you have to buy a new set of tyres, professional tyre fitting in Buckinghamshire can be booked at Broadway Autocentres.

Set Reminders

There is a lot to remember as a car owner: services, MOTs, tyre checks, oil changes, air and oil filter expiration dates… Get on top of all of this by using a memo or calendar app on your phone to beep out reminders to alert you as to what needs doing when. Many of these apps can be set up to repeat quarterly, monthly, or annually – as needed, so you only ever need to sit down and work them out once!

Inflationary Matters

Your tyre inflation is vital to the smooth and effective operation of your car, giving you a smooth ride, reducing wear and tear and easing the friction your vehicle experiences. Most modern tyres are designed to work at their best under a fairly tight range of pressures, with their efficiency falling off quite sharply once out of this range.

Check on your tyres once a month or so (more often if your tyres are prone to slow leakage) to ensure that you are maintaining proper pressure in your tyres. It only takes a moment or so and can make a huge difference to your ride.

Watch Your Dashboard

Early car’s dashboards had little in the way of buttons and levers, with a choke, indicator and speedometer pretty much the standard fare for quite some years. Today, a car’s dashboard can look a little like a plane’s cockpit: filled with levers, buttons, knobs and whistles! Take a moment to go through your car owner’s handbook and make sure you know which lights mean which issue with your car.

Many are quite intuitive: an icon of oil can flash for a low oil warning – but some can be quite a niche and hard to understand, especially when you are driving, with all your focus on the road, so knowing approximately where each light is will help you to understand if you can keep going for a short while, or if you should stop immediately. Needless to say, always respond to warning lights as promptly as you can, in order to keep your car in great running order for as long as possible.

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