How Many Breeds of Pigs are There in The UK?

Farms in the Uk are filled with cute pigs. They are the charm of a farm.

Many of us know about the common pig that is found in the UK. but do you know how many pig breeds are there in the Uk?

To sum up there are in total 11 pig breeds in the UK.

Do you know all of them and how to distinguish them from other breeds?

No? Then don’t worry because in this blog I will give a list of all 11 pig breeds found in the UK and how to distinguish them.

Breeds of Pigs in The UK

There are in total 11 breeds of native pigs in the Uk, here is a list of them along with their characteristics.

1. British Landrace


A landrace is a large white pig with drooping ears. This breed of pig is very versatile and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor management. 

They also have the ability to produce lots of piglets.


They are very popular in the food industry, as they have good daily gain and have a high lean meat content. They have a fleshy body which is amazing for bacon and pork.

They also have an amazing ability to improve other breeds of pigs when they are cross breaded. Over 90% of hybrids are done using Landrace in the UK.

2. Large black


Large black is a very tough breed and their black skin makes coping with sunburn an easy task for them. They are black in color with lop ears. 

Thus breed can co-op with most conditions and has good maternal instincts. 

They are very tamable and easy to keep, can be kept in a two-wire electric fence. They may look huge but they are very easy to handle. 


This breed is famous for its tasty meat and ‘Parma ham’, this breed can be killed at a lower weight for pork production and can also be taken to a higher weight for bacon production hence, it has a dual purpose.

3. British Lop


British lop is a large breed of pig that shows excellent maternal instincts. They can weigh around 300 to 350 kgs.

They are long and lean with white and large lop ears. At first glance, they may look like a Landrace or Welsh but a Britsih Lop has a much deeper body than them.


British Lop is a leaner breed and preferred for its lean meat, it is generally enjoyed as bacon.

4. Middle White


Middle white is known for their good maternal instincts, they can struggle in extreme climates and require more shelter than other breeds.

They are very gentle in nature and can be tamed easily plus they don’t destroy fencing.

They have a stocky build with a snub nose and large ears. 


When they are taken to the weight of 65 to 70 kg they produce excellent carcass they are also famous in the are of suckling pigs. 

Their original breed Small white is now extinct what we have now is middle white. 

5. Berkshire


This breed of pig is known for its good maternal instincts. They are suitable for outdoor systems and can tolerate most conditions.

They are compact and have short legs with a dished face. They have a white tail with a white mark on their face.


This breed of pig reaches 60-70 kgs of weight in 3 to 4 months and then is slaughtered.

Its meat is famous as well as expensive in Japan and has a very good flavor.

6. Large White


Large white is a hardy breed and can co-op with extreme climates. They have an excellent FCR (feed conversion ratio)  and are capable of achieving daily weight gain or DLWG.

They weigh around 260 to 300 kgs and have prick ears.


They are famous for crossbreeding.

They are also savored as bacon. The meat has a little fat and hence is suited dor supermarket and processor requirement.

7. Tamworth


This breed is suitable for outdoor systems and their coat (ginger coat) protects them from sunburn. 

They are more active than other breeds and they are hard to tame, hence they require strong fencing. 

They have long legs and lean muscles with prick ears and long snouts and are always on alert. 


They are famous for producing good bacon and are also good for dual purposes.

8. Britsih Saddleback


A very docile breed suited for the outdoor systems, they are hardy and can co-op with an extensive system. 

They are huge with lop ears and a deep body and can weigh around 270 to 320 kgs.


Can have a dual purpose and makes good pork and bacon. Their meat is in high demand and is suited for direct marketing. 

9. Welsh


This breed is reared mostly for commercial use. They have a good tolerance for extreme weather and are ideal for intensive systems. They grow quickly and their carcasses are well graded in the commercial market.

They are long and lean with lop ears.


They are good for cross-breeding and produce fast-growing and leaner offspring. They are famous for pork and bacon and their lean meat.

10. Gloucestershire Old Spots


This breed has a very gentle nature and is easily tamable. They are hardy and can tolerate most conditions. 

They weigh around 280 to 350 kgs and have black spots and large and lop ears.


This breed is known for its quality of meat and is a dual-purpose breed. It is also suitable for pork and bacon.

11. Oxford Sandy and Black


A hardy breed that can co-op with extreme climate conditions and is well suited for outdoor systems. They have good maternal instincts and have great temperaments.

They have a long snout with a dished face. The size of this breed is medium to large.


The meat of this breed is of very high quality and has tons of flavor. Their meat is famous for pork, good quality bacon, and ham.

Parting Words

So these were the 11 breeds of pigs in the UK. 

Many of their original breeds have gone for instance and hence it is very important for us to save them. 

Now that you know about all 11 pig breeds in the UK, which one do you prefer the most?

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