Is New Britain Connecticut a Good Place to Live?

The city of New Britain is situated in central Connecticut and therefore a part of Hartford County. Before getting the ‘New Britain’ name, the place was known as the ‘Great Swamp’ in the Berlin part of Farmington.

In 1754 the colony accepted the area as the new parish and gave it a name: new Briton. In the 19th century, New Britain made its mark as an emerging industrial village.

New Britain is known as the working-class community, which has its reputation for being a large Polish population. In 2010, Stanely Works purchased Balck and Decker which remained in the city as a headquarter.

In this article, we will cover New Britain Connecticut, keep reading to know what it takes to live in Britain safely. 

New Britain Or New Britskit

As New Britain has the largest Polish population in Connecticut, it is often referred to as ‘New Britski’. The broad street neighborhood of the city is home to a large number of Polish businesses from the year 1890 to 2008. The New Britain Connecticut city council designated the area f the town as ‘Little Poland’.

If you ever visit New Britain Connecticut, you will find that little Poland is filled with unique Christmas ornaments, amber ornaments, blown glass, handcrafted items, and polish foods.

People ask, is New Britain Connecticut a good place to live? to which I must give you some pros and cons if you ever decide to live there as well things you need to know, before settling. 

New Britain Connecticut – Pros And Cons

You might be thinking of moving to New Britain Connecticut, and looking for its livability. Therefore we have made a list fr you on the pros and cons of living in New Britain Connecticut.

Moving to a new city can be a big decision as well as stressful, if you already don’t know the place and how things work there. Hopefully, this evaluation helps you understand what New Britain Connecticut is all about. 


Livability – the overall livability in this city is above average. The livability score considers crime, education, cost of living, etc. people here are very happy and helping in nature. Homes are available in the area.

Cost Of living– the cost of living in most places goes above head, but in New Britain Connecticut, the cost of living is lower than the average in most cities in the state. Some areas can e hi9gher than others at the federal level, but housing, costs, groceries, health care, services are less expensive.

Crime – in New Britain Connecticut’s crimes are less than in the urban areas. The ranks are high on national and statewide levels. Therefore the ranking is considered on factors like teacher-student ratio, school graduation rates, student and parent reviews.

Education – the education process in this area is very effective as well as good to be on national and statewide levels. Therefore, if you have children this place is good to be getting the proper education.


High Poverty Rate- New Britain has a poverty rate of 17. 4% of residents which is higher than most of the cities in the USA. The average poverty rate in America is 10 to 13 %.

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New Britain Connecticut – Things To Know

Things you should keep in mind when you are in New Britain. People there have their own culture which they are proud of and cherishes every bit of it. You as an outsider will have to respect those. 

Little Poland Festival

Every year the last Sunday of April is the day festival. They celebrate the polish culture in New Britain, with thousands of people attending and celebrating the event where polish music fills the air. They also eat and offer some delicious traditional polish food. 


New Britain is proud of its churches which are pretty historic. They are Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church, and First Lutheran Church. Once you are there, you must not miss the spirits of the church moving you. 

Walnut Hill Park

The Walnut Hill Park is a two-level park, that becomes the most beautiful in Spring. There is an open field with a walking path, where people run and work out in the summer. The park also has two tennis courts, which you can use as it has public access.

Walking through the park will also catch your eyes at old-colonial British homes. Do not miss the upper level where there are beautiful flowers everywhere as well as a war memorial. 

Captain Al’s Kitchen

Captain Al’s kitchen is an extraordinary place to get a delicious breakfast. Students from the University of CCSU, know this place well. The cafe is open for 7days a week. The readers of the New Britain Herald have scored Al’s as the best place to have breakfast in the community.

Even if you do not stay in Central Connecticut, drive there and have a full stomach of Al’s.

Organic Food

The Urban Oak’s Organic farm presents top-quality organic food. They are specialized in salad greens, cooking greens, and heirloom tomatoes. They also grow sweet peppers, hot peppers, summer squash, figs, okra, and a ton of other crops.

In winter as well the farm has things to offer like harvest lettuces, kales, spinach, arugula collards, everything straight from Urban Oaks Organic Farm. 

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with New Britain Connecticut and things you need to know about the place before moving in.

This blog is for deciding whether you want to move there or not, and that is why we have provided the good and bad side of the city. But if you move there you will experience more good than bad.

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